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Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students study in the UK due to her consistent high rank in popularity and quality education delivery.  The UK is a natural destination for international students as a result of her diverse population and a reputation for prestigious schooling.  Students worldwide seeking an English-language education have a preferred option in UK, what better place to study than the country that invented the language?

The UK promises a rich experience for international students with an excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities,. Our Study Consultants will help you learn more about studying in the UK as an international student, as regard your choice of school, programs, post-study goals, and adapting to life in your adopted country.

About The UK

The island of the Great Britain is bordered by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from a portion of another island. These four countries are married into a political union called The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (which is usually shortened to just the UK or United Kingdom). The UK also has overseas territories such as Bermuda and Gibraltar.

The British Empire was once a world force, with territory as far flung as India, Canada, South America and Africa. Although colonial days are far gone and there has been a steady decline in the British Empire and the UK’s influence around the world, the UK is still a major political and economic force, with membership in the G8 and an economy that is the fifth largest in the world and second largest in Europe.

The UK’s colonial history also means that it has been subject to a multitude of international influences and influxes of people, helping to create the multi-cultural society that exists today. The diversity of culture in UK makes it great study destination for international students.

Why Study In The UK

The UK is one of the top destinations to study around the world. With traditions of excellence dating back hundreds of years, high class institutions on every corner. As a country, The UK has much more flexible than many other countries. The United Kingdom has much to offer international students that other English-speaking countries cannot. major political and economic force, with membership in the G8 and an economy that is the fifth largest in the world and second largest in Europe.

Why should you come to the UK as a destination to further your international education? What makes the United Kingdom stand out?

Growing Destination

International students have always been an important presence in the UK, and their numbers have been growing steadily over the years. The UK is the second most popular destination for international students, behind the US. The UK has worked hard to capitalize on the growing demand for English-language instruction and the post-9/11 visa hurdles in the US. The top ten countries sending students to the UK are:

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • USA
  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
  • Nigeria
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland


Worldwide Recognition

Degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class. When looking for work in the future, this can be a great selling point in your favors. This standard of excellence is set by much some of the older universities with recognizable names, such as Oxford and Cambridge, but the tradition carries through to many of the universities and colleges throughout the UK.

Education Costs are Lower

Because your degree will generally take less time to complete in the UK than in other countries, you could save money compared to a US school. Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in the UK are three years, and a master’s program is typically between one and two years.

Although international students can manage their affairs so that their UK education is affordable, UK policymakers are taking note of an alarming trend in the cost of education for non-EU students. With exchange rates climbing, life in the UK can become expensive. As global competition for international students heats up, it can be predicted that the UK will act aggressively to keep the country a primary destination for international students.

Work Opportunities

An international student in the UK is typically allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school term, and up to full-time when school is out of term. This income can help argument your living expenses and part of tuition fee balance in some scenario. Keep in mind it is not always easy to find high paying job as a student, so relying on work income to fund your entire education is not a good idea.

The new UK policy gives 2 years post study work visa to international students after completing their programs. With this you can secure a high paying job and gain international work experience.

Scholarships/ Loans

There are many scholarships and loans available to students who want to study in the UK. Financing an international education can be really difficult.

Easy Travel To Europe

With the addition of the Channel Tunnel and low cost airlines, Europe is easier to access than ever. You can reach most areas of Europe from the UK within a few hours by train or direct flight. If you are studying in London or Manchester and you want a weekend away in Italy, you can fly direct to Rome, Milan, Genoa, Venice or several other cities in Italy. The direct flight would take around two hours and costs will vary, depending on when you travel and when you book.

Multicultural Nation

The UK is a multicultural society, with nearly all religions and faiths represented. The UK is very open to new traditions and cultures – and this is a great thing for students from other countries. Students can easily find a place of worship for most major religions.

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