5 Mistakes You Should Not Make When Applying For A Study Abroad Program

I remember feeling so anxious and overwhelmed when I first applied for a program to study abroad. What was the deadline? How much money do I need to save up? Do I even have enough time before my semester ends to apply? There are so many questions that go through your head, but it’s ok! You don’t have to be perfect or worry about every little detail when applying for a study abroad program. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid making when applying for a study abroad program:

1) Don’t put off the application process until the last minute- if you know of an opportunity that fits into your schedule, take advantage of it! Apply as soon as possible so there is plenty of time for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

2) Don’t gamble with your chance of studying abroad – going about processing your university admission or visa application using the trial and error approach can only lead to one destination; disappointment. Wisdom says you need a guide when you’re doing something for the very first time. It saves you time, money, and possible waste of resources if you were winging it. Here is an opportunity for Eduthrive study abroad consultants to guide you to turn your dreams into reality faster

3) Lack of knowledge of the financial requirement – let’s face it, planning to study abroad will cost you some good money even though there many options that make the financial cost bearable. Be realistic about what you can afford in terms of tuition fee, visa application cost, and flight ticket, including how much money it takes to live in another country as well as any other expenses during your time abroad. Know this ahead will help to influence your choice of country, programs, and schools. Don’t apply to a program that is too expensive. Speak to one of our study abroad consultants to learn about affordable options.

4) Failing to research the programs, university or college, and study abroad country thoroughly before applying – Most people are not up to date with their study abroad programs and the factors that will influence their success. The ones that do, are often overwhelmed with information overload that causes inaction. The right guide can provide quality and the right measure of information needed to make informed decisions.

5) ) Ignoring deadlines: There is typically a deadline for applications towards every intake period – if this date passes then there won’t be any chance of getting in which means loss of limited resources; time! Clarifying your study abroad goals early will show the milestones you need to follow to arrive at your study abroad dream. It’s not rocket science. Set the right goals and be aware of deadlines for every major event on your study abroad journey

For those who are scared of making mistakes on their application or waiting too long before choosing a program, we’re here to help with our free study abroad consultation call and admissions processing services. We can work with your timeline and budget in order to design the best-fit study abroad plan for you that will turn your dream into reality faster. Let us help make this process easier so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Book a free study abroad consultation call with certified and experienced consultants here

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